Saturday, May 19, 2012

Adrianne :: Close-Up

   A couple of weeks ago I posted a recent session that I did with my best friend, Rachel.  So I'm excited to post another session of one of my closest friends, Adrianne!

   Adrianne and I have been friends for about ten years now, and we've been through a lot together.  She taught me that it was ok to laugh at myself, but to never let the opinions of others determine who I would be.  I was there to make fun of her when she tried to deny the fact that she and her future husband had any feelings for each other.  And, a year later, she was there to gently push me towards his best friend-my future husband, and make fun of me while I tried to deny the same thing.

   Adrianne, I love you.  Thanks for being my friend, and for being such a great model!

   Photography, Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe: All Me.
   Gorgeousness: All Adrianne.

To see more photos from Adrianne's shoot, go HERE.

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