Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ben + Rachel

   Wow, talk about unexpected events.  What was supposed to be one day off of work turned into two weeks.  What was supposed to be a clean bill of health turned into blood clots in both of my lungs that almost weren't even caught, plus possibly other medical problems going on with me that the doctor's are still trying to figure out.  But I'm so happy to finally be home, and although it's incredibly scary to know that I may have these blood clots sitting in my lungs for another six months or more, that I have to be incredibly careful now about any cuts or scrapes I may get, and that people who have had pulmonary embolisms one time are statistically more likely to get them again, I am so thankful to God for all of his care and protection of me so far, even when I was walking (and dancing!) around for at least a week with these untreated clots in my lungs.

   However, all of this laying around in the hospital and downtime after discharge has given me the chance to edit a shoot that I just did last week, one that was incredibly fun for me.  I had the privilege of photographing my best friend Rachel, and her boyfriend Ben. Ben and Rachel, who's mothers are best friends, have known each other their entire lives but-like many classic love stories-didn't see each other as anything more than companions until just recently. Which is awesome, because they have many years of solid friendship to build their love off of, and it shows in how comfortable and adorable they are together. ♥



     This is a recreation of a photograph that Ben has of the two of them from when they were children. 
                                                              So great. ♥

                                                    Absolutely beautiful. :)

To see more photos from the shoot, go here.

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